I will however, stay up to date the world’s current events.

If I can be honest, I don’t like the news. Reading all the sad betrayals around the world like the deaths of innocent children, people for that matter; the fact that so many corporations are getting away with taking advantage of loopholes allowing them to collect income without penalties while so many others suffer through despair; small percentages of certain groups getting the negative spotlight making the rest included look the devil’s minions…and we believe them; how quick we forget what happened prior to the present date that probably corrupted the current condition of today.

I could go on.

Nobody really wants know that the system that they grew up to believe in was and is still failing. Maybe curiosity? But that’s only when you are not involved in a particular issue. If the issue pertains to you in any way, you would be more inclined to want to read ‘Everything is Getting Better’ as a headline.

Unfortunately, because I feel it’s necessary to stay current on what’s going on everywhere, I must stay current with the news. How could I live day to day not knowing if some issue or event will affect my life? Or if there’s something I can do to help in any way? That’s just too important.

But what I’ve realized over the recent years is while staying current is very important, being bombarded with the same type of situation, viewed 10 different ways from 15 different outlets, posted 30 different times a day is exhausting. Frustrating when you realize the information is incorrect. You click on a link to find out information, and it’s like an drunken night: at the end of the trip, you have no clue what started the journey. Not to mention the nonsense that currently passes for news…wow. And it was yesterday that I saw the stupid Koala Bear on my feed 6 times that I finally said: E-F@#$KING-NOUGH!

So I have made the decision to stop following stories on my social media outlet. I understand it’s their job to harass people in order to receive any type of revenue, but it’s not my job to consciously feel like media organizations are trying to brainwash me. I will, of course follow them to continue viewing the response threads. Trolls are much easier to ignore and I will deal with their ignorance for the sake of understanding other people’s view on the situation. Whether I agree or not, it is important to know.

How Will I Be Doing This?

I’m usually on some type of device all day reading, writing, or creating something. Because of that factor, it’s impossible to not physically see some type of inane post. Achieving my goal will take a lot of discipline not to click. And maybe a few times I might. I’m only human. But if the issues of today have taught me one thing, it’s OK to cling to history.

Some people may forget that before there was social media posting, we had the option to choose what crossed our path. It’s simple to do and once I have thoroughly researched the best media outlets for different types of subjects, I will go to them for the news. I will make sure I am getting as much of the story as I can so I can form a VALID (important word in this sentence) opinion. I don’t need them coming to me via text, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, advertising etc.

I’m sure most people will not follow suit as it is hard not to be compelled to like every page in existence. But I don’t care. I am getting real tired of these half-ass written articles flooding my pages taking me to an article that doesn’t even make sense in the end.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Decided to End My Social Media Relationship With ‘The News’

    • I have been trying to stop for a while. Unfortunately, because I was trained to be a Journalist and the fact that I am extremely nosy, I felt it necessary to be informed about as much of anything as I can absorb. But this is too much!

      Thanks for the comment!

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