Its been said that the explanation of what happens during a seizure is difficult to speak of and I couldn’t  agree more. Severe ones you forget most of it, but the moderate ones can linger inside a head like a dream you HAVE to remember. While I can’t say exactly what happens, I can definitely try to  give a description.

Picture This

It’s a normal adult day. You wake up already with things to do. Nothing drastic, just normal personal and work-related tasks. Don’t forget the daydreaming thoughts you have in between. On the way to work, you feel the thought of forgetfulness pecking. You can’t figure out what it is, but the feeling is just lingering in the back of your mind.

The day is set. You know exactly what needs to be done and how it will happen. Confidence is your best friend.

But that feeling of forgetfulness is still massaging the back of the head. Refusing to let it get to you, you keep pushing through your day allowing your personal thoughts to cycle through as you progress.

Then It Happens.

Now in this part, you need to picture your brain as a your ‘mini you.’ A separate entity that controls itself and important parts of you.

We’ll call ‘mini you’ ‘Change’ for the time being.

Change sees everything you do, hears everything you do, does everything you do…most of the time. Without Change, while you will still be able to function, you will not function properly as Change controls a good amount of your mobility and processes.

Change has now decided she now wants to get to the bottom of that forgetful feeling. She decides to head back without alerting and goes as fast that she can, hoping to get back before you realize she is gone.

Unfortunately, as Change speeds to the back of your head, it sends all your thoughts into a spinning disarray and it isn’t until she turns around does she realize the chaos she caused. Thoughts, ability to complete basic functions, and fear are now swirling around the inside of your head and in the distance, Change sees physical you stuttering through normal processes, stumbling to gather thoughts, unaware that the thoughts are now out of control.

As Change begins her path back to the front your head to reconnect, pushing pass the thoughts speeding around her, she is able to peek through the swirls to see physical you confused, scared, and lost. Change feels that as well as the spinning begins to take its toll on her balance. She now becomes a part of your chaos equation as you are caught between focusing on what you are physically doing, what Change is visually seeing, and what you are mentally feeling. One of the visuals is physical you struggling to be normal again.

You’re lost. Change is lost searching for you, and all you want to do is zero in on SOMETHING.

But everything is still spinning and Change still has a distance to go.


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