Offensive? Maybe. But Lets Confirm Before We Whine.

I watch TV a lot (thanks Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime). It’s my background noise while I’m at my computer doing everything I possibly could do to advance my career…and borderline obsess over social media observing. I suck at keeping up with the latest shows, so I usually have oldie but goodies playing while I work.

Fortunately, as an adult, I get to re-watch certain shows as if I only saw a trailer the first time. As an adult, I get to understand the smart remarks and lingo that cleared my head the first time and wow, actors got away with saying a lot of offensives things. And it is hilarious.

Things I’m sure today, you’d cry about. Thank goodness social media is only in its infancy and we haven’t always been bombarded with its presence. Movies and TV shows would have never been able to start their paths to being two of the most common things in America.

Back to my point. Throughout history (at least close to my history), people have poked fun and insulted someone in some way. Mocking Native Americans, Blacks, Spanish, Irish, Italians, blondes, fat people, nerds, the list is endless. Sometimes a joke can be just that…a joke. Sometimes something can just be entertainment and not the assumption that a result in one entertaining scenario goes across the board of specific groups. Today however, the thought of not being able to make someone laugh is frightening.

It seems the new trend is to take everything to the extreme. No longer can we say something funny and expect the very least to just stare silently. Today, we have to worry about internet backlash. Everything gets taken out of context and next thing we know, feeds are becoming virtually critical of what the entire world is doing. How many of us has already read something about a group being offended and think ‘Damn, I do that too! I guess I offend them.’

This is way too often for a lot of people.

 offensive jokes3

Yes, people thread that line where you question whether you should laugh or punch a wall. This is not the blog for that scenario, however, if all you’re going to shame and name-call something trivial as a joke, know that you’re negatively judged and criticized profusely by many. It’s silly and insanely pointless.

I have to stress the fact that people can’t see the difference between a joke to help people burn calories and something that is said or done with an undertone of prejudice is insulting as a human. So much time has been wasted these couple of years getting offended just because it gives you something to comment about. The irony is this would be a perfect time in life to take a look at ourselves and JUST. LAUGH.

This is coming from a short, fat, black woman from Jersey who hasn’t had a stable job since 2012. The internet should be one big offense to me!

And if you can’t laugh at yourself, take a trip to TV land and get your mind blown…maybe another thing to get offended about.

I know it’s hard but here’s how I make it without taking everything I see so personally.

  1. Ask yourself: Are they trying to offend, or are they just trying to make me laugh?

It actually should be quite easy to figure out if you pay attention and not just use a paragraph as a word jumble.

And if you’re truly offended, try making a difference. Even if it seems small.



Time to Change News Outlets

Standup photo

How can this not be so obvious that we aren’t protesting, rather still supporting this type of infrastructure? The media is no longer the place to go for actual, factual information. The jury is still out on whether it was ever a source to begin with. Aside for the few that abide by the practice of Journalism, most have had a curve ball thrown at them and decided it would be easier to go with the flow and not defend what’s right.

It seems that everyone in this industry has an agenda. Everyone in this industry relies on a paycheck and the last thing a person wants to do is be insubordinate to those who cuts said paycheck. Those who cut the check have agendas that conflict with the ethical code of Journalism. On top of all that, for humans, as objective as we want to be, are bias at our core. We have to stop denying that.

Yes we judge.

Oh, and everything is another-wing conspiracy with religious tendencies.

It’s almost like watching a reality show: Do we really believe that this nonsense is actually their reality? Our reality?

I know that most industries have organizations with agendas counter to what they represent, but some will have detrimental effects on all parties involved (no pun intended). The multi-fractional split in opinion should be proof enough. Many opinions based on misinformation or an organization’s twist…potāto, potăto.


But I’m sure many of you have noticed where actual information comes from. It’s a place where no-holds-bar is active when it comes to reality. And, it’s quite funny. I’m talking about comedy. You can find it in stand-up, skits, sitcoms, even cartoons. They all do their best to keep up with current events and really don’t have a wing to depend on for their success. At least not as much as “news” organizations. Even viewing comical shows from the past points outs flaws and the reality of previous circumstances.

Of course complete bias and obvious opinions are screamed throughout their segment. And yes, they make up stories to make things funnier. But when it comes to joking about current events, you can’t deny the harsh reality they give you. More importantly, their bias is not hidden behind smoke and mirrors. No matter what their beliefs are, no matter what side, comedians realize that not only does the truth hurt, it is currently hilarious.

Bud Light Presents Wild West Comedy Festival - Aziz Ansari

So the next time you watch Comedy Central Presents, any stand-up special, or even Nickelodeon, listen while you laugh (I know, if the comedian is that funny, the point gets lost in the laughter). Comedians and comical writers make great points when pointing out the flaws of the human race. They are direct and their goal is clear. It’s just a shame that our situation is so bad we can actually laugh at it…well, sometimes.

Make the change and make it fast because people are tired of the media getting away with twisting our lives to satisfy their clicks and ratings. At the very least, don’t take them seriously, as their actions are quite entertaining.


Ahh the irony in this piece.