The Irrelevance of Modern Politics


As the presidential campaign begins creeping out the dark corner, many of us are excited to see the jumble of idiots trying to convince us that their rich background can understand what the middle class and lower class is actually going through. But it should be funny. The big problem with any political campaign is that the drive to go into politics revolves around…guess it! MONEY! Not current overwhelming conditions. Money has been the foundation of political power for generations and those who don’t have the money or the right networking affiliations, but has the drive, knowledge, and passion for the progress of America, usually never stands the chance. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at it from a few angles.

Money Drives Professional Gain Like I described in a previous blog post, money is a huge part in campaigning for yourself or a mission. If you don’t believe that, ask yourselves why millions of people and businesses pay into marketing profusely. It’s why you will always see multiple types of marketing positions available. When you have an endless amount of money to pour into a campaign, you can focus less on fundraising and more on being one step ahead. More than likely, you will have access to highly qualified campaign managers, better financial assistance, better potential fundraisers, etc. While this may not be the case 100% of the time, let’s come together and realize that money gives a good push in the direction you want. Try moving to your dream destination with no money. Try buying your favorite car with no money. Try raising a family with no money. Try advertising your skills to millions with no money. (except for the irrelevant people who desire is to exploit). Money has a huge control on most decisions. Denial is why the middle class in tipping towards the lower class. Many lower and middle class citizens who have a passion for forward thinking and change for the positive couldn’t even dream about the money that pours into standard political campaigns let alone receive anything close to what the 1% does and because broke=dumb in this country, people rarely decide to choose what the broke person is trying to explain because, money.

Money Provides Reason Do you really think middle class Marcy could raise anywhere close to the politicians we come to love (on opposite day)? Most politicians will never understand the current condition of the middle and lower class. This is a sad admittance, however, we are in an era and in a generation of adult from broken homes, volatile situations, deprived school systems, extremely ignorant held beliefs passed down. Reasons for change but no money to prove validity. We are also a generation of adults who are more opened minded and willing to change coupled with experience dealing with the lives of middle and lower class people. Add being one of the most financially repressed American generation relative brings us to 2015 confirming that what we have been told over the years has been a lie. As for the high class, why change if there’s always gain? Doesn’t their money prove that?

Money Provides a Stable Flatline (ignorance sometimes included) Having the born-in wealthy control the current conditions is like having a general manager from a retail store invited to become a head coach in the NBA. Yes you may have some management experience and your work attendance is perfect, but do you really understand the concept and the situation? Most Americans are not born into easy opportunities and must experience much in order to evolve. Our political power should reflect as such. When it comes to change, relative to the American spectrum, few are open to big ones. There’s a reason why the phrase “he’s set in his ways” will never go away. There’s much less persuasion when you have more information available. But when these current politicians take what they’ve learned many wealthy, uneventful years ago and announce them, you tend to forget that we are supposed to be the country of forward thinking and future planning. When you sift through the internet babble, you will find many people who actually want and are willing to help change the direction of this country and have good reason to. Unfortunately, many of them are broke (hint). Meanwhile those with financial stability can say the most ignorant of things and have people justify their words.

Want to Play a Game?


Money Drives Influence – But Not Always The Answer Let’s talk a little about climate change. I am not a scientist and I will not claim that I know it all (or much) when it comes to that subject. I know that the scientists who accept the change in climate are arguing whether or not the changes occurring are natural or man-made. But if you listen to politicians, they already have the answer and instead of finding a solution, they continue to argue who’s right. Meanwhile, there’s a drought in California, floods in Texas, melting ice in Antarctica, but we have to get down to the nitty gritty: Who’s winning the debate. During their political campaign, I can guarantee the redundancy speeches of the current issues going on with this country with climate change being a button to push. It’s a wonderful argument to debate. But the current political process will not address the solutions, rather point why their opponent bi-proxy shouldn’t be president. And we’ll listen not because they are providing solutions, but because we will be reminded over and over again who they are through the marketing techniques they spent thousands upon thousands…upon thousands to shove in our face. We’ll listen to our favorite media organizations backing the politicians because they help pay their salary. We’ll ignore those who are speaking solutions into the world because…well we probably didn’t hear them because MONEY GIVES YOU A LOUD ENOUGH VOICE TO BE HEARD! Now if the rich used their superpowers for good then I wouldn’t be writing this. Could you imagine if Superman was secretly Bizarro?



Politicians, Catch Up. People, React.


Yes, we know. For decades you had the ability to make decisions without the media so far up your ass, they knew you had colon cancer before you got the results. For decades it was your word against someone else’s and of course someone America chose to represent would never lie to achieve what they want.

For decades, the ability to keep to yourself when it came to making decisions was standard and the majority of us didn’t care enough to do in-depth research on the politicians who affect our future. A few were silly enough to make the front page, but I guarantee many politicians would need to secure a designated driver when entering a game of ‘I Never’ with middle class citizens.

But not anymore.

We’ve finally placed society in a position that puts many politicians in a unfamiliar light and we all should pat ourselves on the back.

So why aren’t we?

Ah I know. While the media continues to easily shove inaccurate, one-sided stories with relevant facts buried in the sensation, we continue to believe that because it speaks to what we trust, it must be accurate, and if not, we’ll figure out a way to right the mistake by twisting the truth to correlate. Because our side can’t be wrong. Our side must succeed no matter how silly the response was.

It’s so apparent, politicians are blatantly spitting in our face every chance they get and we won’t react because reacting may hurt our side’s chance of winning (winning what, I’m not sure yet. We’re all losers right now). If that’s not bad enough, some of the politicians have the media outright backing them in their pursuit to power and feel that it would have no affect on their ethics as journalists (think about that the next time you share an article or video).

Here’s a quick example.

Chris Christie admitted that if he were elected president, he would strike down on states who have legalized marijuana. He doesn’t believe it should be legalized (but felt compelled to push sports gambling and maintaining Atlantic City gambling casinos, enabling an addiction many people can do a six degrees of separation from). He openly admits that back-tracking would be one of his priorities.

We’ve seen the financial success that the legalization of marijuana has done for the recent legalized states. We’ve seen statistics that say New Jersey has one of the highest move out rates. We see the tax revenue it brings in the recent legalized states, so much so that money is needed to be given back. We’ve seen endless money spent on prisons in New Jersey, while people still get high anyway. Violent crime has decreased since the legalization of pot in Colorado. A drunk cop from New Jersey crashes and kills people.

Not to mention the new studies coming out contradicting everything we were told to believe.

How he thought he had any right to speak of it is beyond me. But that’s not the point.

Now, the response from the people were genuinely hilarious as most couldn’t believe that Christi thought he would be elected as he has his state citizens running for a new beginning. But the fact that a politician thought so highly of himself and so low of the people should tell us something.

We are not really paying attention. Haven’t been for years. We believe exactly what we are told by the people who have chosen their salary over the truth. Not their truth. THE TRUTH. Great example of the trickle-down affect. Are we liking the results? We see it, but our reaction is not enough to thwart the actions of the people who were elected to speak for us. Some have tried to react. Those not powerful enough have to hide. Some of us don’t know how to do something. Some think they can’t. Some just don’t care. Which category are you?

Time to Change News Outlets

Standup photo

How can this not be so obvious that we aren’t protesting, rather still supporting this type of infrastructure? The media is no longer the place to go for actual, factual information. The jury is still out on whether it was ever a source to begin with. Aside for the few that abide by the practice of Journalism, most have had a curve ball thrown at them and decided it would be easier to go with the flow and not defend what’s right.

It seems that everyone in this industry has an agenda. Everyone in this industry relies on a paycheck and the last thing a person wants to do is be insubordinate to those who cuts said paycheck. Those who cut the check have agendas that conflict with the ethical code of Journalism. On top of all that, for humans, as objective as we want to be, are bias at our core. We have to stop denying that.

Yes we judge.

Oh, and everything is another-wing conspiracy with religious tendencies.

It’s almost like watching a reality show: Do we really believe that this nonsense is actually their reality? Our reality?

I know that most industries have organizations with agendas counter to what they represent, but some will have detrimental effects on all parties involved (no pun intended). The multi-fractional split in opinion should be proof enough. Many opinions based on misinformation or an organization’s twist…potāto, potăto.


But I’m sure many of you have noticed where actual information comes from. It’s a place where no-holds-bar is active when it comes to reality. And, it’s quite funny. I’m talking about comedy. You can find it in stand-up, skits, sitcoms, even cartoons. They all do their best to keep up with current events and really don’t have a wing to depend on for their success. At least not as much as “news” organizations. Even viewing comical shows from the past points outs flaws and the reality of previous circumstances.

Of course complete bias and obvious opinions are screamed throughout their segment. And yes, they make up stories to make things funnier. But when it comes to joking about current events, you can’t deny the harsh reality they give you. More importantly, their bias is not hidden behind smoke and mirrors. No matter what their beliefs are, no matter what side, comedians realize that not only does the truth hurt, it is currently hilarious.

Bud Light Presents Wild West Comedy Festival - Aziz Ansari

So the next time you watch Comedy Central Presents, any stand-up special, or even Nickelodeon, listen while you laugh (I know, if the comedian is that funny, the point gets lost in the laughter). Comedians and comical writers make great points when pointing out the flaws of the human race. They are direct and their goal is clear. It’s just a shame that our situation is so bad we can actually laugh at it…well, sometimes.

Make the change and make it fast because people are tired of the media getting away with twisting our lives to satisfy their clicks and ratings. At the very least, don’t take them seriously, as their actions are quite entertaining.


Ahh the irony in this piece.

I’ve Decided to End My Social Media Relationship With ‘The News’


I will however, stay up to date the world’s current events.

If I can be honest, I don’t like the news. Reading all the sad betrayals around the world like the deaths of innocent children, people for that matter; the fact that so many corporations are getting away with taking advantage of loopholes allowing them to collect income without penalties while so many others suffer through despair; small percentages of certain groups getting the negative spotlight making the rest included look the devil’s minions…and we believe them; how quick we forget what happened prior to the present date that probably corrupted the current condition of today.

I could go on.

Nobody really wants know that the system that they grew up to believe in was and is still failing. Maybe curiosity? But that’s only when you are not involved in a particular issue. If the issue pertains to you in any way, you would be more inclined to want to read ‘Everything is Getting Better’ as a headline.

Unfortunately, because I feel it’s necessary to stay current on what’s going on everywhere, I must stay current with the news. How could I live day to day not knowing if some issue or event will affect my life? Or if there’s something I can do to help in any way? That’s just too important.

But what I’ve realized over the recent years is while staying current is very important, being bombarded with the same type of situation, viewed 10 different ways from 15 different outlets, posted 30 different times a day is exhausting. Frustrating when you realize the information is incorrect. You click on a link to find out information, and it’s like an drunken night: at the end of the trip, you have no clue what started the journey. Not to mention the nonsense that currently passes for news…wow. And it was yesterday that I saw the stupid Koala Bear on my feed 6 times that I finally said: E-F@#$KING-NOUGH!

So I have made the decision to stop following stories on my social media outlet. I understand it’s their job to harass people in order to receive any type of revenue, but it’s not my job to consciously feel like media organizations are trying to brainwash me. I will, of course follow them to continue viewing the response threads. Trolls are much easier to ignore and I will deal with their ignorance for the sake of understanding other people’s view on the situation. Whether I agree or not, it is important to know.

How Will I Be Doing This?

I’m usually on some type of device all day reading, writing, or creating something. Because of that factor, it’s impossible to not physically see some type of inane post. Achieving my goal will take a lot of discipline not to click. And maybe a few times I might. I’m only human. But if the issues of today have taught me one thing, it’s OK to cling to history.

Some people may forget that before there was social media posting, we had the option to choose what crossed our path. It’s simple to do and once I have thoroughly researched the best media outlets for different types of subjects, I will go to them for the news. I will make sure I am getting as much of the story as I can so I can form a VALID (important word in this sentence) opinion. I don’t need them coming to me via text, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, advertising etc.

I’m sure most people will not follow suit as it is hard not to be compelled to like every page in existence. But I don’t care. I am getting real tired of these half-ass written articles flooding my pages taking me to an article that doesn’t even make sense in the end.